Sunday, January 28, 2018

New to the Village

Here's the set of 5 village buildings that I ordered when I ordered the watchtower.

First a pair of cottages:

 Next a windowless storehouse of some sort:
 Lastly, a tool shed and a small guest cottage

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

All along the watchtower

My watchtower and village buildings that I ordered in early December finally came.  I got the Watchtower painted,  it's pretty cool:

First: the assembled tower:
 Second: a look at the dissembled pieces:  designed for miniatures placement inside.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Fall-In Minis at last

I bought a few miniatures at the Fall-In convention back in November, just got round to painting them.   They came from the Ral Partha bargain bin:

First is an assortment of creatures
Camel, Ettin, Crocodile, Lioness, and Bull-Ape-Demon thing
 Next, some of the Devil's Furniture: stone table with skulls on corners, and big skull face for all your wall-based intimidation needs

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Big House for the snow day

Having the day off and also having a burst of zeal, I completed the large medieval building I had been planning for a while.   It's completely scratch built with materials I had in my house.  The roof was a roof terrain piece I've had sitting around for many years, and the 2 back doors and front first floor shuttered windows were left overs from the kits I had made recently.  The rest was just a converse shoe box, and small pieces of cardboard and wood.

It's intended to serve as a town Guildhall, or a feasting hall for Vikings or great hall for a castle, or as an unfortified manor house in the countryside.



Sunday, December 31, 2017

Keep for Owlbears

I finally got around to painting my Keep (suitable for Owlbears).  This took about no time at all.  It was pre-primed (which is good since it's Styrofoam and can't be sprayed).   I just painted the doors and arrow-slits and then dry brushed it with brown and light grey.  Done.

Now I've done with my buildings for now and should get back to campaign work.


The second of the 2 laser-cut building kits I got at Fall-In is a Towerhouse (described as a city watch tower repurposed as a house.)   This time I remembered the lessons of building my cowboy town and painted before I assembled.  Inside and outside views displayed:

Saturday, December 30, 2017


I bought this Medieval Townhouse model (laser-cut,  wood and chipboard) at the Fall-In Convention in November.  I finally assembled and painted it this week.   The roof and the second floor are not glued fast, so we can take them off and deal with the interiors directly.   I also (at least for now) just scotch-taped the doors on, so they can be opened and closed in play.