Friday, March 30, 2018


Based on a You Tube Video (The DM's Craft by DM Scotty)  I made 10 primitive huts out of cardboard seeding pots.   They didn't turn out as spiffy as I would have liked, but they are serviceable.   So, if we need a primitive village set-up, we're all set.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Behold my swag

Did 2 hours of intensive shopping at "Cold Wars" on Saturday.

First:  Some miniatures:   dismounted Norman Knights with Swords,  Halberd Guys, and Knights with Big Weapons:
Second:  Cobblestone Mats:  4 18"x12" rubber mats with a cobblestone pattern, probably going to cut them into a series of roads/streets sections.
Third:  A resin cottage (which I bought because I mis-read the price tag) and a cave-hole piece
Fourth:  A church model--took a chance on this one, it is 15mm scale, but it is a model of a big church, so it should be good for a medium-sized 28mm church

Fifth:  A collection of small furniture pieces:  round table, fireplace, bookcase, beds, and a set of metal bases.
Sixth: the Game Master of Crusader game gave me a copy of the ruleset, which he had written and published back in '92.  It's fun and fast.  I had an extremely good time.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

New to the Village

Here's the set of 5 village buildings that I ordered when I ordered the watchtower.

First a pair of cottages:

 Next a windowless storehouse of some sort:
 Lastly, a tool shed and a small guest cottage

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

All along the watchtower

My watchtower and village buildings that I ordered in early December finally came.  I got the Watchtower painted,  it's pretty cool:

First: the assembled tower:
 Second: a look at the dissembled pieces:  designed for miniatures placement inside.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Fall-In Minis at last

I bought a few miniatures at the Fall-In convention back in November, just got round to painting them.   They came from the Ral Partha bargain bin:

First is an assortment of creatures
Camel, Ettin, Crocodile, Lioness, and Bull-Ape-Demon thing
 Next, some of the Devil's Furniture: stone table with skulls on corners, and big skull face for all your wall-based intimidation needs

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Big House for the snow day

Having the day off and also having a burst of zeal, I completed the large medieval building I had been planning for a while.   It's completely scratch built with materials I had in my house.  The roof was a roof terrain piece I've had sitting around for many years, and the 2 back doors and front first floor shuttered windows were left overs from the kits I had made recently.  The rest was just a converse shoe box, and small pieces of cardboard and wood.

It's intended to serve as a town Guildhall, or a feasting hall for Vikings or great hall for a castle, or as an unfortified manor house in the countryside.



Sunday, December 31, 2017

Keep for Owlbears

I finally got around to painting my Keep (suitable for Owlbears).  This took about no time at all.  It was pre-primed (which is good since it's Styrofoam and can't be sprayed).   I just painted the doors and arrow-slits and then dry brushed it with brown and light grey.  Done.

Now I've done with my buildings for now and should get back to campaign work.